Mendoza Balloons


If you ever dreamed about flying slowly and placidly in a wonderful place, in full harmony with nature, then you imagined a balloon flight.

Experience sunset flying over one of the most famous wine country regions in the world, framed by breathtaking views of the Andes Mountains.

This is, for sure, the perfect plan for your next visit to Mendoza.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

The balloon flight is perfect to celebrate special occasions or simply to enjoy spectacular aerial views. Each flight is a unique experience and lasts approximately 45 minutes from takeoff to landing. We will fly to the beat of the wind following its direction and speed. The contact with nature is permanent and you can see the typical animal species of the area and the contrast generated by the different types of local plantations. Mendoza Balloons has the capacity to carry a total of 12 passengers. We currently have in our fleet the largest and most modern balloon in Argentina!


Our flights are scheduled throughout the year at sunset, which is when the winds are softer and the atmosphere is more stable


The pilot in charge of your flight will make the decision to carry out the flight or not based on the weather forecasts made several hours before the flight. In Mendoza, the weather conditions are generally optimal for this activity and cancellations are not frequent, but in the event that there is a cancellation, the rescheduling will depend on the available places we have in the following days. Also, as this activity depends on weather conditions, advance payments are not taken. The flight can be paid once it is confirmed in the previous 24 hours when we have the last update of the forecasts. Safety is our main premise, because we want you to enjoy the balloon ride as much as we do.


The transfer from the hotel or place of residence to our base is not included, but we can send you the contact information of an authorized remis company in case you want to request a quote. Our takeoff area is located in the Department of Junín, just 50 km from Mendoza capital.


Once you are at the inflation site, the pilot assigned to your flight will give you a talk about security and operation issues before the inflation of the balloons begins. Powerful fans will be used for inflation with cold air. When the balloons are inflated between 70 to 80% of their volume will begin the hot inflation with the use of the burners, causing them to begin to rise and be ready for takeoff. This process can last between 10/20 minutes.


Flying in a balloon is a very pleasant experience, there is no turbulence or sudden movements, everything goes calmly and in time with the wind, it’s like watching a movie in slow motion. You can take your camera or camcorder to record fascinating scenes. Once we take off, the support team will follow us below to the landing site and we will return by land to the starting point once the flight is over.


Towards the end of the flight, the pilot will look for a field or area free of crops and animals to make the landing. This moment can sometimes be one of the most exciting parts of the ride, because if the wind conditions increase during the flight, the basket when making contact with the ground will slow down while the fabric of the balloon continues to advance until it deflates completely, being able to sometimes leaning gently on one of its sides and passengers will lie in the interior of the basket. The pilot at all times will indicate what is the right position to take at all times.


Once the flight is over, we will collect the balloon and pack it in a bag. Then we will make a toast with an exquisite local sparkling wine while we honor the “New Aeronauts” and we will give them a Flight Certificate. No doubt you will have many memories that will remain forever in your memory…

Price per passenger: USD 150-.

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